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Background Check Facts and Statistics

38% - The percent of people that have admitted that they had embellished their job responsibilities at some point on a resume or application. 1

572,000 - The number of violent crimes (rape/sexual assault, robbery and aggravated and simple assault) committed against employees at work in 2009.

65 million - The number of American adults (1 out of 4) that have a criminal record of some kind2

30% - The percent of employees that have admitted to stealing from their employers; 41.2% of those being managers, 39% being regular employees, and 19.3% being executives.

35% - Percent of applicants that had one or more violations or convictions on their driving record5

937% - The net return on investment (ROI) on a pre-employment background check. This takes into account the cost of employee turnover and the costs of catastrophic hires - employees who engage in theft, violence, sexual harassment, etc.4 6

1 Source - 2008 Career Builder survey
2 Source - 2011 US Department of Justice
3 Source - 2012 National Consumer Law Center
4 Source - 2012 SHRM
5 Source - ADP Screening Index
6 Source - 2010 HRM report


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